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Five Commandments Of Risk Management

Now that the trauma of the 2008 financial crisis is fading behind us, advisors can’t afford to fall back on old modes of thinking. Individual investors have been deeply scarred and fundamental factors presage a bumpy road ahead — in this new environment the same-old approaches just won’t do. We need a systematic framework to help advisors progress in a way that is not purely reactionary, but also practical and productive. We call this new framework Risk 3.0. Read the full article by Mitchell Eichen and Mark Pearlman in...

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MDE in the Wall Street Journal: A Focus on Preservation

Low rates, muted expectations and still-fresh scars have led many investors to reconsider their priorities in recent years. Mitchell Eichen, a financial planner based in Morristown, N.J., says his clients are a lot more focused on preserving their wealth than on earning the highest return. So, that’s what he helps them do: protect their capital while earning decent returns. Read the full WSJ profile here.

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Jewish Week and Jewish Journal Columns

Mark writes a column for New York’s The Jewish Week, and his work also often appears in Los Angeles’ Jewish Journal. Some of his more recent articles include: Jewish Culturomics Playing it Safe: The Jewish Third Rail Strategy Jewish Black Swan Events Jewish Paparazzi: Rebecca Lieberman’s Public and Jewish Journey Mad Men’s Don Draper and Jewish Tradition The Emet Factor: Blatant Lies and Brutal Honesty Gematria: 2009 By the Numbers Tiger Woods: “Just Do It” & Jewish Wisdom March Meshuga 2010 Check out the latest...

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