A Traveler’s Guide to Uncertain Times

With our lives deeply shaken by this financial crisis, how do we step back, anchor ourselves and put current events into a contextual perspective? To guide us through the personal challenges we are facing, Mark produced a documentary titled “A Traveler’s Guide to Uncertain Times.” Featuring four brilliant spiritual leaders, the film draws on time-tested wisdom to provide a better foundation for overcoming the uncertainty, pessimism, hopelessness and material loss we are experiencing in today’s economic climate. It also highlights the importance and relevance of ancient spiritual wisdom, and its effectiveness for navigating personal challenges resulting from difficulties we now face.

The film premiered at a Town Hall Meeting, Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at the JCC in Manhattan. Following the screening, there was an open forum to discuss these issues with the renowned rabbis featured in the documentary: Irwin Kula, Joseph Telushkin, Benjamin Blech, and Jill Jacobs. The film then aired on Shalom TV.

Promo of Mark Pearlman’s documentary: “Traveler’s Guide to Uncertain Times”