The Jewish Internet Metric Study

In order to take a business-oriented, top-level look at the Jewish Web, Mark has completed a study on the structure and market performance of Jewish media organizations. The report offers a basis for productive discussion on what individual or cooperative strategy might be considered. It also includes an analysis of Jewish educational and religious sites, and Jewish search terms.

Read the report here.

Read Mark’s op-ed in JTA here.

“The problem for the American Jewish media is not quality of content — it’s scale and coordination. Just compare traffic and engagement patterns of several major Jewish news Web sites in the United States (JTA, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, The New York Jewish Week, the Forward, the Jewish Exponent and The Jewish Press) and the most popular English-language sites of Israeli newspapers (Ha’aretz and The Jerusalem Post).

For a Web site to be self-supporting, it is critical to attract a significant enough share of clicks to sell a wide range of ad packages. and have achieved a high level of visitation. But the findings of several traffic-analyzing sites (Mondo Times, Echo Media, and suggest that Jewish media outlets in the United States are lagging behind.”