Jewish GDP Study

By creating a Jewish GDP Report and Analysis, Mark has developed an economic approach to measuring and analyzing non-profit activity in the Jewish community.

“Mark Pearlman, an experienced business strategist (CBS Inc., Fox TV) and MIT graduate, spent weeks researching how much money Jewish organizations take in and spend each year, analyzing what categories get the most attention, and which the least. In effect, he sought to create a Jewish GDP, the equivalent of Gross Domestic Product studies that measure all of the services and goods produced by a country over a specific period, usually a year, to judge the growth rate of the economy and the overall economic health of a particular country. ‘I wanted to compile a ‘McKinsey style’ top-level analysis of the Jewish nonprofit community, and understand where the resources are directed,’ explained Pearlman.” — Gary Rosenblatt, Jewish Week editor and publisher, in “Creating a Jewish GDP”

See the Jewish GDP presentation.