Mark Pearlman Partners with MDE, Launches Risk 3.0™

Over the course of my professional career I have been primarily involved in the media industry and new business development, while at the same time being an active investment and wealth management client.

My own personal experiences with the 2008 financial crisis, in addition to the widespread media coverage, led me to begin reflecting intensely on investing. As I focused more on it, I realized there was a clear and pressing need to update how investors approach the risk and manage family portfolios.

Throughout this past year I identified and met with the top wealth management firms in the industry to select a trusted firm with whom I could co-develop an integrated risk approach. I sought to identify best practices in portfolio management, organize them, and incorporate them into a comprehensive way to look at risk with the goal of using the most successful techniques as the base for the next generation of risk management. This was the genesis of Risk 3.0™.

While meeting with top wealth management firms, I had the good fortune to connect with The MDE Group and its CEO and Founder, Mitchell Eichen. Independently, MDE was in the process of offering a similar integrated risk solution. I was immediately impressed by their client focus, creativity and extensive expertise , and soon after joined their organization to collaborate. Working with Mitchell’s group it became clear they are a hidden asset in the wealth management area: a firm that receives prestigious national recognition and is well loved by its satisfied and loyal client base, but also a firm that has never focused on media or marketing. They have been a truly investment and service focused firm – and it shows in the quality of their client service and analytical work.

I have partnered with Mitchell and joined MDE as Executive Vice President of Business Strategy and Client Experience. My role is to integrate and execute the Risk 3.0™ investment solution and spread the word. Having been a client of a number of wealth managers, I am able to help MDE reach out to investors like myself and communicate why they should consider entrusting their money to Risk 3.0™ and MDE.

Together we are introducing Risk 3.0™ as a new paradigm in wealth management. Risk 3.0™ is a comprehensive investment solution platform designed to provide superior risk-adjusted returns by proactively implementing an array of innovative strategies optimized for different risk exposures as well as the new market realities of continued volatility, slow growth and periodic crisis.

Risk 3.0™ will be supported by a re-launched MDE website (, a Risk 3.0 website (, a media campaign, events, and several other initiatives.